Plain Concrete Iron 25 MM
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06 Apr 2021
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Specification of Plain Concrete Iron 25 MM

Iron Concrete after its name is iron that is used to strengthen the construction of concrete used in building structures such as houses and buildings, bridges, and other types of buildings that use concrete. has a length of 12 meters with thicknesses ranging from 6 mm to 36 mm and we sell concrete steel of all sizes to suit your needs. in terms of the size of reality in the field many projects use concrete iron in a size that is not standard SNI or smaller than the size that has been set or commonly referred to as pansy concrete iron.

Judging from the type of concrete iron or can also be called concrete bone iron / BTB has two types namely plain concrete iron and screw concrete steel, this difference can be directly seen in plain view where plain concrete iron on each surface does not have a screw while for concrete iron screw in each the surface has a spiral-shaped screw so that if used in construction it will be stronger because it will be more attached to concrete and other building materials. for those of you who are looking for suppliers of plain or threaded concrete we provide both.

In countries such as Indonesia where the economy is developing, many contractors or project works are found that use concrete iron that is not in accordance with the Indonesian national standard SNI, this happens because the demand for construction materials at lower prices. due to the large demand for concrete at a lower price, many local producers issue non-standard size products, as I discussed above are pansy concrete iron. pansy concrete iron has a smaller real size suitable for those of you who are looking for concrete iron with a cheaper price.

Besi Beton Polos / Reinforced Bars - Plain

6 mm - 12 m2,66 Kg
8 mm - 12 m4,74 Kg
9 mm - 12 m6 Kg
10 mm - 12 m7,4 Kg
12 mm - 12 m10,66 Kg
13 mm - 12 m12,48 Kg
16 mm - 12 m18,96 Kg
19 mm - 12 m26,76 Kg
22 mm - 12 m35,76 Kg
25 mm - 12 m46,2 Kg
28 mm - 12 m57,96 Kg
32 mm - 12 m75,72 Kg
36 mm - 12 m95,88 Kg

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Thank you, I say, Marketing Director Ms. Sansan

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