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Concrete Steel Screw

Deformed rebar. Screw concrete iron has fin-like bumps along its surface, so it has a high bonding capacity with concrete castings. The shape of these fins is different for each manufacturer. Iron concrete is only sold in large volumes by distributors to contractors. Iron concrete thread is less flexible and difficult to bend so it is difficult to install. The minimum compressive strength of threaded concrete iron is 400 Mpa.

Usually concrete iron has a standard length of 12 meters. The diameter of the commonly used concrete iron is 8 mm and 10 mm. But what happened in the field, the existing concrete iron had a cross section that was slightly smaller than what was written on the writing marking on the iron surface of the concrete. If it is still within the tolerance limit of 0.1 mm, then the concrete iron is still included in the SNI standard.

The amount of use and the size of the diameter of the iron concrete is directly proportional to the dimensions of the concrete castings. This is standardized in SNI 2052: 2014 concerning Concrete Reinforcement Steel used in concrete construction. The larger the dimensions of concrete construction, the greater the diameter and the amount of concrete iron used.

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